By Samuel Haig Top decentralized exchanges are exploring alternatives to Ethereum amid high gas prices, with SushiSwap porting its platform onto five additional networks. Major DeFi protocols are moving to cultivate a multi-chain decentralized finance ecosystem, with SushiSwap deploying its contracts on five networks, and Balancer announcing ports onto MoonbeamContinue Reading

By Cyrus McNally QuickSwap is quickly become the go-to DEX for trading Ethereum tokens off-chain, with its liquidity quadrupling since late February. Polygon-based DEX QuickSwap has attracted more than $105 million in worth of liquidity since the start of 2021. The Uniswap clone began the year with only $300,000 worthContinue Reading

By Priyeshu Garg Polkadot has been rapidly growing from a niche blockchain project to one of the richest DeFi networks that have real potential to compete with Ethereum. While still in its infancy, the network already has a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications, all of which offer similar, and sometimesContinue Reading

By Martin Young Cross-chain collateral will soon be available with Compound Finance. Decentralized finance lending protocol Compound has unveiled a new blockchain that will enable cross-chain collateral. It is the latest move to mitigate expensive operations on the Ethereum network and enable more interoperability in the DeFi ecosystem. The newContinue Reading