Biden wins: Potential effect on crypto market

By now the victory of President Biden on the USA’s presidential elections is obvious. What possible effect will this have on crypto market? Let’s try to figure out.

Pro-Bitcoin president?

While Biden haven’t directed any positive statements towards cryptocurrency, he did allow Cryptocurrency donations towards he’s presidential campaign run.

Previously, the CEO of FTX Cryto exchange have utilized this to donate $5 million dolards towards the campaign.

End of Anti-Crypto Era

Cryptocurrency regulations and limitations under the Trump’s administration were typically strict, not allowing USA citizens to participate in many crypto project for “protection” of their funds.

Nowadays there are actions being made to make registration of crypto banks and other companies a streamline process. In today’s world crypto projects already started changing the business world.

Democrates are known for softwer involvement in the business field, and we hear signals of softening crypto regulations.

There are still some levels of uncertainty in crypto markets after the Biden’s election for USA President, however the Bitcoin successfully break through $15000 barrier today and currently traded on $15300 mark, which gives us a green signal for the future of cryptocurrencies in the USA and the world.