Bitcoin sets an ATH record of $20,000, surpassing The MasterCard Market Cap

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Continuing trend of raising cryptocurrency prices challenges the traditional economy by outgrowing some largest players in size.

Bitcoin sets an ATH price record

The Bitcoin price surged to $19,692.34 today, and is currently traded past $20,000 mark on some markets. This long-awaited breakthrough sets a new ATH record, beating the previous record set back in the 2017 bull run.

This price makes Bitcoin outperform established economy giants like MasterCard, which holds over $338 billion market cap vs the current Bitcoin market cap of $366 billion.

Many experts agree that upon breaking the $20,000 barrier the Bitcoin will enter another value paradigm, and estimate the price tag to be around $25,000 – $100,000 in the year of 2021.

The current market capitalization of Bitcoin, secures the place of the Digital Gold in the Top 15 organizations by market cap. Although Bitcoin not being an organization, it still holds massive capital and its value is being recognized by the institutional economy.