By Michaël van de Poppe Bitcoin is very close to new all-time highs once again but the final hurdle may take some time to overcome. Bitcoin’s ( The 4-hour chart shows apparent support at $53,000, which held once again. The subsequent continuation upward is seen on the 4-hour chart ofContinue Reading

By Helen Partz Global banking giant Deutsche Bank expects governments to start regulating Bitcoin by the end of 2021. Bitcoin’s (BTC) market capitalization of $1 trillion and potential for continued growth have made the cryptocurrency “too important to ignore,” according to Deutsche Bank analysts. Deutsche Bank Research, the financial researchContinue Reading

By Marie Huillet The mining subsidiary of Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings is opening its pool services to institutional and retail customers alike. SBI Crypto, the mining subsidiary of Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings, has opened its mining pool to the general public. As one of the fruits of aContinue Reading

By Jeffrey Gogo Crypto assets that are linked with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) marketplaces have risen sharply since the mania took off a few months ago. NFTs are selling at prices that many consider ridiculous for intangible artwork. Third-Largest Art Sale by a Living Artist Was Tokenized One piece of artContinue Reading

By Reuben Jackson The famed American actress, artist, singer, and entrepreneur is set to auction her exclusive collectibles on a Tron-based NFT auction platform, joining the chorus of celebrities promoting coins and projects in the blockchain ecosystem. Hollywood Star to Promote NFT Education & Adoption in Upcoming Clubhouse Session TheContinue Reading

By Brian Quarmby A Grumpy Cat NFT fetched more than $80,000 while the Grumpy Cat coin community raised more than $70,000 for an animal shelter. The community behind meme cryptocurrency Grumpy Cat Coin, or GRUMPY, has donated 39 ETH worth almost $70,000 to the Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. (OwingContinue Reading

By Kevin Helms Bank of America sees no good reason to own bitcoin other than “sheer price appreciation.” The firm’s strategists found that the cryptocurrency’s “inflation hedging benefits are not particularly apparent.” Bank of America also claims that bitcoin does not offer diversification benefits and is “impractical as a storeContinue Reading