Google’s BigQuery Service Adds In-Depth Analytics Tools for Polygon

By Liam Frost

Data from Polygon (MATIC) blockchain can now be uploaded and analyzed using Google’s BigQuery service, granting users access to in-depth analytics and insights related to the network.

BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse developed by tech giant Google that allows analyzing vast amounts of information in a scalable manner. In its turn, Polygon touts itself as an “Internet of Blockchains” and aims to bring massive scale to Ethereum with its software development kit (SDK).

According to an announcement shared with Decrypt today, the integration of Polygon Blockchain Datasets into Google BigQuery would enable “the querying and analysis of on-chain data on Polygon in a simple, organized manner using Google Cloud.”

For example, users will be able to monitor gas costs and smart contract activity over time, determine the most active and popular tokens, contracts, or applications, and gain access to multi-chain analysis for SDKs. The tool also enables integration with traditional financial record processing systems.

Speaking to Decrypt, Alex Svanevik, the CEO of analytics platform—which also has a Polygon dashboard and whose engineers developed the solution that allows ingesting the blockchain’s data into BigQuery—noted that this integration is an important step in the development of the network’s ecosystem.

“Being able to do analytics on public blockchains is important for transparency. In fact, easily accessible on-chain data is one of the cornerstones of any blockchain ecosystem. The BigQuery dataset is a great addition to Polygon’s growing ecosystem, and I’m delighted that Nansen could implement an open-source solution together with Polygon, Google, and Helix,” Svanevik told Decrypt.

He added that while Nansen has already made use of this dataset to build its Polygon ecosystem dashboard, the platform still has “more Polygon data coming to Nansen over the next few weeks.” In the dashboard, users can see how quickly the ecosystem is growing as well as which projects are most used.

Likewise, other blockchains will likely be integrated into BigQuery in the future.

“This dataset is part of a larger effort to make cryptocurrency data available in BigQuery through the Google Cloud. The program is hosting a number of real-time cryptocurrency datasets, with plans to expand offerings to include additional distributed ledgers,” the press release concluded.