Jay-Z to Sell ‘Reasonable Doubt’ NFT After Lawsuit Stops Former Partner From Doing the Same

By Will Gottsegen

Sotheby’s will auction an NFT inspired by Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, just days after Roc-A-Fella Records sued to stop Damon Dash from doing the same.

The NFT is tied to a digital animation from Derrick Adams, which features a reinterpretation of the album’s cover art. Titled “Heir to the Throne,” it’s meant to commemorate the album’s 25th anniversary.

“‘Heir to the Throne’ is the only official event authorized by JAY-Z to commemorate ‘Reasonable Doubt’s historic 25th anniversary and is being presented as a standalone online auction,” reads a press release from Sotheby’s—a clear dig at what Roc-A-Fella alleges was an attempt by Dash to sell the copyright to the album, along with an NFT, on a platform called SuperFarm. The Dash sale was halted, but the label claims its co-founder is still “frantically scouting for another venue to make the sale.”

Roc-A-Fella Records Sues Co-Founder Over NFT of Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Sotheby’s has also said that the Adams animation was commissioned by Jay himself (whatever that means), and that a portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation.