By Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel Liquidity farming and staking embody the latest in decentralized finance (DeFi) – bringing traditional banking and investment operations over to the blockchain. The goal, of course, is to automate the banking industry by cutting out third-parties. This would save users money and time, as well. What’sContinue Reading

By Brian Quarmby BitMEX’s co-owner, Ben Delo, has pleaded not guilty after surrendering to U.S. authorities in New York. Ben Delo, one of the founders and co-owners of embattled crypto derivatives exchange, BitMEX, has surrendered to U.S authorities in New York. According to Bloomberg, Delo was arraigned remotely before U.SContinue Reading

By PR PRESS RELEASE. (, an industry-leading digital asset trading platform built by Wall Street quant trading veterans, has announced the listing of Gather Tokens (GTH) under the trading pair of GTH/USDT on March 15th at 10:00 a.m. EST. Gather is a platform that allows online publishers toContinue Reading

By Dalmas Ngetich Bridge Oracle, a Chainlink-alternative and the first in the decentralized, high-performant, and scalable Tron mainnet, is live after launching on Mar 11. An Oracle for Tron’s dApps and Smart Contracts The open-source solution seeking to provide a critical link–turbo-boosting events in the Tron blockchain, will, for theContinue Reading

By Brian Quarmby According to DappRadar, the top four decentralized NFT apps now drive $10 million in volume each day. The excitement surrounding NFTs is showing no signs of slowing down, with the top four decentralized NFT apps driving more than $10 million in daily volume. According to decentralized applicationContinue Reading

By Ruben Merre Why are so many people captivated by the blockchain and crypto world? It’s an infant compared to the traditional financial world; a little unsteady on its feet, still growing and trying to figure things out. Yet it’s thrilling to watch it evolve, to discover new realms andContinue Reading