Vertex.Market CEO Alex Pecorelli announces the BSC update day

Alex Pecorelli, the Vertex.Market’s CEO have announced date of Binance Smart Chain integration update, said it will be released on April 15th

The long awaited BSC update is seen as a game changer for traders who operate on Vertex. Most of the traders play safe strategy of charging certain percentage as a premium for their excgange to keep in profit, but due to nature of raising Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, traders are forced to charge large premium to cover the transaction expenses.

Meet the Binance Smart Chain

After the BSC update, the traders on Vertex will be able to trade coins wrapped on the Binance Smart Chain in a same way as their non-wrapped counterparts. This essentially means that the trader can sell wrapped Bitcoin (BTCB) to a user that will be able to withdraw non-wrapped or wrapped Bitcoin as the result of the deal. Same goes for buyers — buy BTC with wrapped or non-wrapped — it’s all the same.

The release date was announced during the Q&A session on official telegram group chat. The update will occur on April 15, being seamlessly integrated into existing system. The traders won’t have to do anything — it will just “click”.

Other questions have been brought up about upcoming updates, some of which have great plans like integration of token to incentivize the traders to obtain good reputation, and using it for insurance in case of a scam.

CEO Alex Pecorelli also hinted on the “swap feature” to be released in the upcoming updates.