We Have Crossed BTC Adoption Rubicon, Says Novogratz, as Bitcoin Sits at $14 906

Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz has spoken to CNBC’s Squawk Box on November 4, saying positive things about BTC as Bitcoin was roaring in the $13,800 area.

The ex-partner at Goldman Sachs and founder of Galaxy Digital assumed that the Rubicon in Bitcoin adoption has been crossed as major financial institutions are jumping on the bandwagon.

Meanwhile, the Bloomberg dollar index has plunged to almost a two-year low.

“The Fed will continue going brrrrrrrrr”, “Rubicon in Bitcoin adoption crossed”

During the talk with CNBC, Mike Novogratz opined that Bitcoin’s stance is very good at the moment and it keeps rallying rather than behave similar to all other markets, which look unstable now.

Source: u.today


I strongly believe that Bitcoin has all the potential to hit $20000 by the end of this year, as election uncertainty passes away.

Investors realise that the election outcome won’t affect Bitcoin in a bad way and grow confidence to invest more in the crypto economy.

Bitcoin dominance is at 4 months high, which means it will keep growing while the DeFi keeps deflating after the DeFi hype at 3rd quarter of 2020